A list of common default router ip addresses


Here’s the scenario: you are trying to fix a relative’s network issues and you need to access their router’s browser interface. We’ve all been there, fruitlessly pecking in combinations of 192.168.x.x. Unless you have every default router address tattooed on your forearm, you’ll eventually encounter one that stumps you. When …

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Your online adult surfing habits are not as secret as you think 18+


If you think watching adult movies in private or incognito browsing mode can hide your digital footprints; you are wrong! Software engineer Brett Thomas says that no matter how you watch a adult movie, you are being tracked.  Brett says adult movie watchers world over everywhere are being tracked and with …

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Block IP Ban user in the index page – VisiChat


  Hello Guys In this tutorial  you can block IP ban user in the main page of your site and you can show text in the index page So lets start Open you website index.php paste this below code at line 41 <?php  // Checking IP address from database $ip= $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];  $res = $db->run_query("select * from ".$config->prefix."banip where ip='".$db->escape_string($ip)."'"); // If found the show an Error message / Page if($db->get_num_rows($res)>0){ echo ' <html> …

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Top 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Router’s Performance


Today we are bringing you some of the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi router’s performance. This top 10 list includes various factors like Wi-Fi router position, signal interference, correct channel, firmware update and more. Do you find your premium internet service a little too slow? Don’t worry, with the …

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