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As challenges have advanced, so have solutions. KuttySoft Security Solutions believes it needs to constantly stay ahead and keep pace with the latest technology to meet growing needs. This is the reason why we have graduated from simple lever and tumbler locks several years ago to modern, intelligent technologies.
With the pioneering spirit of its founder still the driving force, KuttySoft Security Solutions is at the helm of every breakthrough in the country. In many ways, the company is the security solutions industry of India.

We have moved from being simply a seller of security products to a company selling comprehensive security solutions. We offer diverse security product solutions including technologically advanced sphere-like cameras with analytics, substance detectors (bomb, bullets, narcotics…), X-ray baggage scanners, biometrics and access control systems, Burglary and fire resistant safes, Road blockers, Marine Solutions etc. Our products are tested stringently at leading testing laboratories i.e. SP Test in Sweden, VDS Test in Germany and the Underwriters Laboratory in the United States. Our plant in Mumbai is rated as one of the finest and largest factories in India.

Every security concern of a proposed site is evaluated by the company using a four-pronged process. This time-tested protocol involves security consultancy, security audit, an all-inclusive analysis leading to a comprehensive solutions plan and annual maintenance on a turnkey basis.

Our customer trust is legendary. Incidentally, when the Queen of Victoria visited India in 1905, she chose a KuttySoft safe to keep her valuables wherever she stayed in the country. Our spirit of innovation blended with excellent quality has helped us to leave our mark across 45 countries world-wide.

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