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You aren’t stuck with the keyboard that comes with your smartphone

  • “What is the best keyboard on Simple Android:? .. ​​The one that works for you You do not have to stick to the keyboard device There are many keyboard options, the manufacturer’s version agrees by Samsung or HTC to Android or third-keyboard keyboard parties such as SwiftKey or Skype.
  • “First, shut up vibration feedback when it is pushed. You will find it in Settings> Languages ​​& input (or language and keyboard), where the keyboard settings appear. Sometimes the vibrations are advanced and as soon as your fingers start Fly, it can not always keep up with which Uncomfortable. Bzučanie vibrations can be really annoying for those around you. There are some vibrations that are hidden in the sound and notification. Again, there is less, they say.
  • “While some of the manufacturing keyboards are good enough, Android is also a keyboard (also available on Google Play), but we are a fan of the complex features of SwiftKey, which can also be tested for the power of predictable suggestions. It’s also free. “

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